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If you've ever wanted to make more progress and get more done in your life than you have in any other 12-month period, then I can show you how. 


So many of us have been on the cusp of making changes in our lives, or at least having grand intentions of doing so, only to find ourselves stuck...and being caught in the failure cycle; procrastination, making excuses, blaming and perpetuating old ways of thinking.


I have had first-hand experience of constant and major change in my own life and know how challenging and scary it can be.... and so am passionate about helping others through the process with more ease and grace.


As a Project Manager, Change Facilitator and YB12 Coach, I offer a number of proven skills, programs and tools that will empower you to do exactly that so that you can literally transform all areas of your life. 


  • Your Finances

  •  Your Health  

  • Your Relationships 

  • Your Career or Business

  • Your Mental & Spiritual Capacity 


Contact me for a free 50-minute clarity session or introductory presentation.

My services include: