Find the Courage and Confidence to follow your heart... and take that leap of faith!

Learn how to create the life you've always dreamed of living.

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Gain clarity, build confidence and be in control of your future.

Gain clarity, build confidence and take control of your future.

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I help leaders at all levels, and their teams, to fearlessly embrace change and

take the incremental steps to reshape their lives...

Looking to create
change in your life?

Are you looking to lead in your own life and the lives of others, to find your niche or your authority and to make a real impact whilst realising your potential?
Are you committed to doing the deep work of introspection, to learning the skills, tools and techniques required to be an inspirational leader? Are you ready to do work you love and create an environment that sets your soul on fire with people who believe what you believe?

Professionals & High Performers

Small Business Owners

Are you looking to step up and lead, to design & create the business and the life style you want on your own terms? Are you feeling alone and isolated, in your quest to build your business and are looking for a warm, uplifting and supportive environment to connect with other business owners, to collaborate, promote your business ideas or learn the skills of business and leadership?

Students and Young Entrepreneurs

Are you an emerging leader, ambitious, creative, curious and struggling with fears about your future? Are you resisting the 9 to 5 and the conformity of a traditional pathway to success? Are you feeling driven to explore your options and pursue your passions? Are you looking to find your people, your tribe - to fit in? Are you looking to learn the life and leadership skills to support you on your journey?

Courses, content and coaching designed just for you.

Courses, content and coaching
designed just for you.

Courses, content and coaching designed just for you.


Courses, content and coaching designed just for you.

Handling big change.

When change is difficult and transitioning is messy, you need support – to backfill a role, to guide you or simply to keep you accountable.

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Transforming your future.

Personalised coaching designed specifically for you to help you reflect, reset, and begin creating your future.

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Time to thrive.

Bite-sized, intensive masterclasses designed to help you gain focus and clarity fast.

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Christine C.

"Thank you Gwen for an interesting 12 months, it has been a great journey! I respect and appreciate your professionalism and your code of confidentiality. Knowing I was safe to express my inner feelings, I was able to talk openly and candidly thus becoming more enlightened as a  whole and growing as a person."


“Gwen is an excellent life coach, she has helped me gain clarity on my goals, and the steps I need to achieve them. She's very intuitive and also practical. It's amazing what you attract once you start tapping into your potential. All thanks to Gwen.”

Radiographer    |    Radiology SA

— Diala Jamal

Jamie Hughes

Gwen has helped me, not only in my professional career, but also my private life. She has helped me sort out and understand my mindset, shown me how my beliefs impact my responses, and has also given my great insight in what drives me. I would highly recommend Gwen to anyone that needs coaching dealing with life’s ups and down.

Front Line Manager  |  SMR Automotive

"What can I say? Gwen has a rare gift to put people at ease and make them feel comfortable in her presence. She is an excellent trainer and speaker. She's raw, real and fabulous."

— Emma Azzopardi

— Tobias K.

“Gwen has been a tremendous help to me in providing coaching and guidance for both my business and personal life. She has provided me with more clarity to help me work out 'where to next' in my journey ahead. Thank you so much Gwen.”

Owner    |    Advanced Corporate Health

Meet Gwen.

Civil war survivor. World traveller. Long term corporate contractor. Entrepreneur. Few people have experienced change like Gwen.

In her life to date she has consistently followed her heart and taken that leap of faith multiple times. Through her own personal experience and extensive study she has gained a strong understanding of how to lead through change, maintain balance and take control of her future.

Now she shows people how to do just that - through personalised and powerful leadership and life skills training programs and coaching.


From Gwen's Journal.

The 6 Human Needs

The key to understanding and changing behaviour lies in our ability to grasp the human needs. When we understand these, many of our problems can be resolved.


Unleashing Your Motivation

Do you ever wake up and just wonder where your motivation is? Are you struggling to see what to put your efforts into in life? Learn how we get focused and motivated.


Gwen's bookshelf

Reading is a one of the best ways to transform your mind, and therefore your life. Here's a list of books on my bookshelf that I would highly recommend reading.‍


Redefine leadership everyday

So many people want the title of being a leader, but only a few really understand that leadership doesn’t come from a title...


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Here you’ll find a non-stop series of encouraging quotes.

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