How can I help you grow?

How can I help you grow?

Transitioning. Support During Change.

When change is difficult and transitioning is messy, you need support – to backfill a role, to guide you or simply to keep you accountable. Or, maybe all three.

Our ‘Transitioning’ course incorporates tailored techniques and strategies to empower you to make real change.

Real commmitment, real perseverance, real change – in your business, your job and you own life. Regain balance, control and peace of mind.

Transforming. Create Your Future.

Personalised coaching which includes an initial envisioning session, (including self analysis and goal setting), and 12 subsequent sessions over the next year.  

Designed specifically for you to reflect on various aspects of your life, eliminate the negatives and help you create your future.

Working one on one ensures you develop your plans, take action and receive necessary life skills and support.

Thriving. Complete Focus.

These workshops are bite-sized, intensive masterclasses designed to help you gain focus and clarity fast.

They focus on mastering your mind and emotions to help you think above the crowd.

We challenge you to change your life, do more, be more and have more, in 90 days.

"What can I say? Gwen has a rare gift to put people at ease and make them feel comfortable in her presence. She is an excellent trainer and speaker. She's raw, real and fabulous."

— Emma Azzopardi

Hello. I'm Gwen.

Civil war survivor. World traveller. Long term corporate contractor. Entrepreneur. Few people have experienced change like Gwen.

During her life she has gained a strong understanding of how to facilitate change, maintain balance and take control of her future.

Now, she teaches people how to do just that through personalised, and powerful coaching.


What people often ask me.

Do you have payment plans?

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I have a day job, do you do evening sessions?

I just need some advice...

Good ole' latin. Lorum ipsum dolor sit amet...

Do you have a guarantee?

Good ole' latin. Lorum ipsum dolor sit amet...

Let's get acquainted.

I'm always up for a coffee and a friendly chat.







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"If you wish to move mountains tomorrow,
you must start lifting stones today."

— African Proverb