In life we can go through various transitions or disruptions such as switching jobs, experiencing a marriage break up, or losing someone we love. Sometimes this change is by choice, and sometimes it’s involuntary. Often we feel alone, and feel like we'll never get through this to see the end.

You’re not alone. It’s normal to struggle at times with change, but there are insights and approaches that really help. Plus, it’s encouraging to remember that all our challenges help us grow and find greater meaning in life.

If you’re going through a transition, explore our personalised life coaching courses below.

Mens Sana (Healthy Mind)

'Mens Sana' is the Latin term for Healthy Mind, and that's what we all need to flourish.

Through personalised coaching, you will not only get through challenging times, but you will also emerge empowered, stronger, and more resilient than ever.


12 Steps to Victory

If you're trying to eliminate the negatives in your life, let go of what no longer serves you and design a new future for yourself, this might be for you.

This program, including 12 specific modules, is designed to help you identify your purpose, your goals, create an action plan, and learn the skills to keep you on track for success.

In addition to this, you'll have my support as a coach for accountability and encouragement.


Total Focus

This 2 part workshop is designed to help you with self-reflection, insightful planning, mind mastery, and emotional management.

For those who just want to take action quickly, this program will give you select tools to focus on and get results fast.


Looking for some help managing change?

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