Supporting Leaders at all Levels During Change.

Course includes a combination of one-on-one training and coaching. I will help keep you on track and accountable through delivery/coaching of 12 Life Skills Modules over the period which is typically between 6 - 12 months.

**Starts with a 3 hour session of Self-Analysis, Purpose Discovery, Goal Setting and Action Planning and is a review of all and every aspect of your life. This becomes a source for your perfect set of goals that resonate with your heart and your mind.  

Thereafter, each session / module is 90 minutes long:

1. Commitment: Learn the importance and qualities of commitment and the reasons for commitment reluctance, prior to completing a personal contract, project or goal.

2. Road to Fulfilment: Looks at pressures that stop people achieving what they want and introduces the Red Flag Concept, arming participants with a physical and symbolic approach to dealing with emotional pitfalls that sabotage action and issues that may get in the way of individual or team progress.

3. Procrastination: Procrastination creates stress, frustration and guilt.  This session looks deeply at the reasons for and the types of procrastination; and how to overcome and take action.

4. Achieving a Balanced Life: Assessment of current and preferred realities; the impact of life pressures and the power of choice. You undertake a deep self-analysis and plan your preferred future.

5. Accepting Your Reality: This session takes you through a journey to move from blame and negativity to responding to situations from a more accepting and positive mindset.

6. Conformity: Conformity can restrict growth and stifle creativity.  This session looks at the nature and potential pitfalls of peer pressure and how to lift yourself out of the conformity rut and mire of mediocrity.

7. Tools for Shaping Your Future: Thoughts and Words are powerful proponents of action.  Learn how to unbind from defeatist, emotional words and thoughts that limit action, to optimistic, positive and courageous ones.

8. Handling Stress: Learn the difference between detrimental and beneficial stress; how to recognise everyday stressors and the signs of stress; the challenge of being in control; and practical, everyday applications in handling stress.

9. Thinking and Living Creatively: Imagination, curiosity and innovation are at the core of progress.  This session provides strategies to become more creative and think laterally to solve problems in new ways.

10. Mind Mastery: Mental strategies are required to empower people to win.  3 powerful techniques to overcome mental obstacles and barriers that stifle performance and action.

11. Emotional Management: Resistance to change and self-sabotage hinder progress.  This session looks at emotional responses, the part they play in defining actions taken and how to maintain success.

12. Review of all modules and assessment of progress.

13. Bonus: Understanding the 6 Human Needs: How understanding the 6 human needs can help you understand yourself and others and improve the quality of your relationships.

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