Supporting Leaders at all Levels During Change.

1. Employee Engagement

What is employee engagement really, why it is important and skills to increase and maintain high levels of engagement.

2. Leading with Purpose

People with purpose do things better, they are more engaged through understanding their link to their own purpose as a leader, the purpose of their business or that of the company. People's behaviour can be more easily shifted through "why we need to do it" rather than "how we need to do it".

3. Leading with Style

Viva La Difference! Introduction to the DISC system. How to pick a person's style and how best to lead each style.

4. Leading a Sales Meeting

Understand the process for leading a sales meeting and the elements involved.  You will also have a clear definition of a need.

5. 7 Keys to a Winning Team

Learn to practice the fundamentals of Trust, Understanding, Communication, Solidarity, Accountability, Results and Celebration.

6. 6 Steps to Empowerment

Empowered people get things done! Covers simple, effective skills to improve performance and accountability.

7. Dealing with Difficult Behaviour

Every Manager/Supervisor deals with this daily. Practical analysis on what to do and how to do it, and to look after yourself!

8. First Time Supervisor

Rise to the challenge of team supervision and how to avoid common mistakes. Understand the five important supervision skills.

9. QII Time Management

From the famous teaching of Dr Stephen Covey Quadrant II is effective in getting the right things done on time!

10. An Inside Out Approach to Leadership

What makes a good follower? Knowing how will improve your leadership effectiveness at all levels.

11. Understanding the Patterns of People - DISC IS THE RAVE

Back to the DISC system, how can you identify and influence the different traits in your team.

12. Situational Service

How you can vary your service style to meet the specific needs of each customer interaction.

13. 4 Ways to Grow Your Sales

Increase the number of enquiries you generate, your conversion rate (enquiry : sale), how much each customer spends and how often each customer repeats purchases.

14. Practical Performance Management

The perennial stress point for people leaders at all levels. Learn that this is not an event it is a day-to-day process. And no surprises!

15. 7 Steps to Trust

Trust is hard to build and it’s fragile! Practical steps to build trust, and steps to regain it when it is challenged.

16. Advanced Communication Skills

Fine-tune your communication and conflict-management skills so you can truly connect with your team, bring out the best in them, and make a difference. In short, a step-by-step guide that explains how to prepare for, initiate and have a “difficult conversation.”

Benefits: "Your team(s) will feel supported, empowered and able to better manage their hours at work. There will be less referral to HR, less avoidance of difficult issues at work, less difficult behaviour and happier more productive people. And when things do happen they will be dealt with more effectively".

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